Kalki Consulting provides cyber security services to companies of all sizes at to prevent or respond to cyber breaches and incidents. Kalki's core offering is composed of independent expert assessment, informational approach, and ongoing risk monitoring. Kalki is committed to helping clients understand and manage their regulatory compliance and cyber exposure to a security incident.

Any business that connects to the internet, uses smartphones and email, or has a web site is vulnerable to a cyber attack. The best defense against a cyber attack is a complete understanding of how your own network is designed, where your most important data exists, what devices are connected to your network, and taking precautions against security vulnerabilities, both internal and external.

That is the Kalki mission: to provide you with the tools that enable you to manage your operations with optimum efficiency and effectiveness, securing you from the costly risks associated with unpredictable cyber incidents while helping manage your network more efficiently and effectively, securing private data and reducing your risk profile.